Weddings like this one are the reason why I'm in the business of photographing people.

Yes, they are incredibly easy on the eye and the light at the end was good I could cry.

That's not why I loved Zach and Rhodal's wedding so much. What gave me goosebumps and warm fuzzies was the just how much love there was. I don't just mean the love that these two share - yes that was palpable and honest and oh-so amazing to see. What got me, what really made happy, was the world that they have created with their family and friends. The support and the joy coming from their loved was so rich and full. You could literally see how much they are both loved. From Rhodal's ride or die girl Sami, to Zachs full entourage of boys, right to the parents and grandparents who raised them right, it was all just so beautiful.

The best man Elias said it best in his epic speech (one of the many awesome speeches I might ad) and I've borrowed it here below with permission.

"...Love like this can bring us tears, tears of joy and tears in general are a reminder that we all come from the same source and are born of water.

Love, I like to think of love as a language we constantly learn and though not always easy to communicate at times its the language that allows us to feel, and as the stress of life can distract us from this language, it's extremely important to understand. I think we can be so worried about being understood we forget to understand other people, remember to always attempt to understand your other half even when times are tough.

A relationship is always on the front line and can seem to be the first thing to suffer when pressures pile upon is, battle life together its easier as a team - trust!

I'd go to hell and back for you and your family. I wish your beautiful family a lifetime of joy and I wish for your love to converse for eternity!

Glasses up - to Mr and Mrs Alderson"

And that friends, is why I shoot weddings.

Happy viewing.