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About me

Image courtesy of Courtney Horwood Photography

Hey!  In case you haven’t been able to tell from my very original business name, I’m Tegan and I’m a wedding photographer.

It all started when my grandparents bought me my first camera when I was seven.  I spent hours setting up my barbies in mock wedding poses, determined to make some beautiful images. I’ll be honest though.  They were crap images.  I could just not get Ken to relax those stiff arms, and don’t get me started on the bridal party. Not one of them would stand when I wanted them to. It was a hot mess.

But thing’s have changed guys. I work with actual human’s and it is SO much better.

Being a wedding photographer has changed my life.  I’ve been shooting weddings for 10 years now, and I still really love it.  There are a plethora of reasons why I love people photography, but I doubt that’s of much interest to you. What you really want to know is what I can offer you, right? I have a bunch of information that I will send you if you want to know.  Just click on my handy contact page and send me your deets.

Right now though I’ll answer some of your burning questions.

Are you a good photographer?  Yes.  Yes I am. (And modest too, I might add) 


Are you available on my day?  Not sure yet.  Late 2020 is filling fast, so get in touch ASAP 


How much will you cost?  More than some, less than others. You can see my packages in the info I’ll send you. 


Where are you based?  Mid-Canterbury, but totally okay with travel 


Can I take you to Fiji so you can shoot our elopement (AKA: do you travel?).  Ummm, yes!


More questions?  Get in touch and we’ll chat.



fun facts about me



Except moths.  I have a bizarre freak-out fear of moths.   They have moth dust and they get in peoples ears. Eww.

We've got a super cute husky called Maiden (named after one of the best bands in the world) and I'd have all the cats if she wouldn't eat them.


Give me an episode of Game of Thrones, some dark chocolate and a warm fire and I'm one happy gal.   My 'to read' book list is as long as my netflix 'to watch' list and there is not enough hours in my life to consume all of that goodness. 


So far, I've made it to the USA a couple of times, Bali, Fiji + Aussie.  I have full on travel fomo and I'm desperate to see more of the world!  Croatia, Italy, China, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam - I wanna go!! (seriously, if you want me to do your wedding in Greece, I am DOWN with that. 


Lasagne, coriander, old heavy metal, running, pygmy marmosets, warm slippers, short hikes, reading, autumn, bourbon, dancing, Charlie Hunnam (he might be the hottest man alive), Ellen Degeneres, painting, and zombie movies.


I subscribe to the belief that each and everyone one of us can live in a way that minimises our impact to both the environment and also benefits others.  Even though my business is small, it’s really important to me that I’m doing my part in contributing to our global village in a way that is ethical and sustainable.

Some of the initiatives I employ are:

I source NZ & ethically made products where possible. 

Packaging is kept to a minimum and is mostly recyclable 

I regularly offer free shoots for those in palliative care - please get in touch if you know someone who would benefit from one of these. 

$5 from every wedding package ​and $2 from every photo session ​in 2019 & 2020 (we also did this the last 4 years) will be donated to ​Equality Now.  This organisation is an amazing source of hope, strength and support for human rights throughout the globe.


Please see their website for more details. www.equalitynow.org



Hands down talent. Tegan you rock, for the person that gets a twitch any time they have to force n hold that awkward smile (ie me) the lifestyle shoot is for you. The sight of a camera normally has me running for the hills but Tegan had me motor mouthing like normal and before I knew it we had achieved the impossible-the dreaded photo shoot, and it was a breeze...plus the photos are amazing...every single one. I can't wait to parade some of these on our walls, until next time Tegan!


Amazing!!!!! We had our shoot last week and I got the photos today, blown away they are beautiful thank you so much!!! You made it super easy and comfortable!!! Excited to use you again in the future!


Tegan was amazing. She was so fun to work with and half the time I forgot she was even there. She captured everything we could've wanted-and more! Could not rate her highly enough as our wedding photographer. We are getting so many compliments on the photos. Thanks again



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