What an awesome wedding this was!

Lusinda & Hardy put together a superb day - it was gorgeously styled but still romantic, with the right amount of tears and joy. It was all beautiful - the stunning flowers, the perfect dress, the kick-ass decorations, and of course the gorgeous couple (and yes I know I used gorgeous twice, but I believe that they deserve it!)

On top of all that they still managed to hold onto what was important - each other, and the people they invited to share their special day with them. I asked the two what their favourite parts of the day were and Hardy said - "Seeing Lusinda walking down the aisle." And Lusinda's response was "At dinner when we took a moment to realise that all of our loved ones, from all over the world, were in the same place, at the same time - and that they were here for us."

So beautiful.

It really was a fabulous day, and I was really stoked to be there.

Lusinda and Hardy, Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your day! I wish you all the best for your future together as husband and wife!


  • Trents Vineyard
  • Make-up: Stacey Banfield
  • Hair: Alex Hannah Hairstyling
  • Flowers: Bourbon Rose
  • Clothes: Bride: To Cherish, Bridemaids' from Blak. Hardy's from Tarocash and the Groomsmen's from Hallensteins
  • Celebrant/minister: Josh van Berkel
  • Music: Pulse
  • Video: Hamish Boyt
  • Who made your wedding cake, and was it delicious?
  • My mother - it was divine!