Newborn / Baby sessions

One of my favourite parts of my job is the fact that I get to cuddle newborns on a regular basis! What makes it even more special is that I've had so many repeat clients that come to me after I did their wedding photos, or their first child photos, and I get to see a family progress and grow.

 I feel honoured to be invited back time and time again, and if we haven't met before, I would love to meet your family and start a new photo tradition with you!

​If you are looking for newborn photos of your baby in a basket with perfectly smooth blankets and backdrops then you might want to keep looking. I’m just not into super posy stuff. It’s just not my bag, baby….pun totally intended!

​What I do LOVE, however, is getting real moments of your new family member in their natural environment. I want the whole family around if possible, doing their thing. I want the moments of connection. When Mum is feeding. When Dad is burping (the baby, not just him ripping a massive belch!) I want siblings refusing to be involved, and I want grandparents going all misty eyed. Don’t worry, I’ll still get images of the baby by themselves, all cosy in a blanket, looking all cute. But you’ll also get a snapshot of your life as it is at this moment in time. 

 I truly believe that is what your babes will want to look back on as an adult.  I love looking at the photos I have that show my parents home in its 80’s glory, my dad rocking his stubbies and handle-bar ‘stach, my mum with her Farrah Fawcett hair, lying on the couch while a naked baby is lying in front of her on the classic sheep-skin rug. I’d much rather see images of my mum, chilling at home with us as babies than a too-perfect studio image of her holding us in an awkward pose, and I'm sure that's what your family will feel too.