My job as a lifestyle photographer is not to make a family look perfect or even beautiful.

No, my job is to demonstrate to a family that I know they are beautiful and perfect.

That I see the beauty there in the chaos and in the realness.


Family and Lifestyle sessions

Fulfilling the basic human need to remember, and to be remembered.

Humans are social animals. We need to be around people to thrive and at the epicentre of that, we have our family. Your family are the ones who know you best. You look after each other and keep each others secrets, you hold each other, and you love unconditionally. Our lives are richer when we are loved and when we love back.

Remembering your family, as they are right now, is a precious gift. Photos are one of the best tools to help you tell your story. They are a visual legacy for you and for the generations to come. They stir half forgotten memories, they allow us to glimpse into the past.

My goal is to help you to preserve this moment in time, whether you are after a lifestyle session, or a more traditional photo session or a mix of both. I aim to make all of my sessions relaxed, fun and easy. I'll guide you along the way, and you'll end up with some great memories and images that you will treasure for years to come.

What is a lifestyle session?

A lifestyle shoot is (and I quote) ‘A style of people photography which aims to capture and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people in different times.”  ​

Basically, I aim to photograph families in a way that shows who they are, without hiding behind forced poses or fake smiles. I find the beauty in the normal, everyday life. It's a glimpse into your family dynamics, your connections, and your personalities.

​So how does it work? 

We find a location (your home, the beach, the library etc) I get a few formal images out of the way (great for grandparents and those who prefer a more traditional style of photography) then we roll into the lifestyle session part. Feeding kids, toilet training, feeding ducks, reading books, cooking a meal etc.

Whatever you like to do as a family, I want to be there to bottle up some of that magic. Basically, after the first part of the session, you ignore me and I’ll do all the work! 

If a lifestyle session doesn't sound like you, I also offer more traditional family sessions. These are more structured and are popular for sessions with extended family.

Lifestyle photography, kids playing,

Can we do both?

The majority of my family sessions are a bit of a hybrid. There are some posed ones, and then some with family activities, and if there are little kids, I tend to do a lot of running around, chasing them and suggesting things that they will enjoy. It's a bit more structured and guided than a full lifestyle session, but not as formal as a traditional session. There are still lots of lovely candid moments with these sessions, and my focus is still capturing the connection between the family members.

The choice is yours. Before we begin, we'll discuss the options and then we'll get into the planning and booking stage.

See you soon!

NEW - Family films!

One of the things that I treasure most are the tiny bits of film that I have from when my daughters were little. The footage is wobbly and terrible quality, but I just love seeing their pudgy little faces as they dance or sing, or just sit their being their glorious selves. Oh how I wish that something like this existed all those years ago! A quality film that stitches together the moments that make up the beautifully ordinary days that we had together. One that makes you feel it in your gut as you watch it, and one that the kids will love seeing over and over again.