Honestly this wedding was so much fun to be a part of! Not only are these two a hoot to be around, but they really put a lot of effort into personalising their day and the results were amazing! The colour theme was blue and green - blue for Genene's birth stone and green for Ben's. They hand made hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of paper cranes and trees in both colours, for the reception decorations as well as for hair pieces and bracelets. The bouquets were also origami. The bow ties were hand made by Ben, and they matched the crane shaped fabric piece that they used instead of a handkerchief. They tied in their love for the mountains with a guest directory set out on printed gondolas, and each table was named after a slope they had skied/boarded down. In fact they flew to Japan two days after the wedding to hit the slopes with their friends and family.

And then we come to the couple. Oh man, what a couple! Ben and Genene are so perfectly suited to each other. They met because Genene wanted to join a soccer team. Long story short, they ended up as more than just team mates. They have a great sense of fun and adventure and they huge love of games (in fact Ben proposed to Genene by making a personalised set of cards for the game Taboo!)

Their wedding day was filled with thoughtful delight and cheekiness. Genene set up a prank first look, where a male friend dressed in a wedding dress as a laugh (these photos aren't shown here, but it was awesome.) Her vows were a poem, his was a song. They enjoyed a spirited Yam Seng with every table, and their first dance....hands down the best first dance I've ever seen. It was a choreographed masterpiece, played out to a Disney mashup. It was spectacular!

Genene and Ben, thank you so much for having me at your amazing wedding!!