Honestly this was the best way to ease into wedding season! We only had three hours with Jo & Aron but it was so so good.

These two beautiful humans chose to wed in a small intimate ceremony with just their family present. They chose the gorgeous Montrose Estate for their location - ideal for a weekend getaway and family wedding. When we arrived everybody was still pretty chilled out, especially considering Jo had left some of her dress at home in CHCH. (luckily Scott the celebrant came to the rescue and brought it with him!) The ceremony was just the perfect amount of sentimental and there were certainly some tissues needed! After the family photos we popped down to the lake just as the sun sunk behind the mountains, and Jo & Aron bravely hopped in the little boat (that had no oars...) and then before we knew it, it was time to leave.

A massive congratulations to Aron & Jo!