It's been a hot minute since I've blogged, and I think we can all take a guess why.

Before the world turned Topsy-turvy these two gathered their friends and family near (how bad do you wish you could do that now?!) to celebrate their wedding at Stonebridge in Geraldine. There was a whole lot of laughing and hugging and dancing and I'm so happy that this group got to do all of the fun stuff, before they weren't allowed to anymore.

As a couple, Brad and Zoe are just too cute together. They compliment each others personalities perfectly. They are a dairy farming couple who met when Zoe came over from England for work. Following the trend of a few of their mates, the classic NZ farmer meets British Las tradition was upheld, and they fell in love, she decided to move here and the rest is history! Now they are working the farm and they have two cute fur-babies together. Their wedding was lovely and emotional, with lots of little moments for happy tears. Luckily Zoe's family and friends could still make it over here to celebrate with them. (Rumour has it, some of them are stuck here for a while!)

I left when the dance floor was humming, and I'm positive that it was a great night for all.

Congratulations to Zoe & Brad!

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