Last weekend I had the first wedding of the season, and OH MY. What a wedding it was!

It had all of my favourite wedding things... A drop-dead gorgeous bride, a super emotional dad, a helpful (not to mention stunning) bridal party, friendly fun loving guests, and golden sunset light. Oh did I mention there were 11 flower girls? And those girls simply rocked the camera!

The day started perfectly. I arrived at the girls place where one of my faves Chrystal was doing the make-up. Little Beau was running around being adorable and the girls were pretty relaxed. The boys were equally chilled, and after some flips on the trampoline, a lot of effort getting the buttonholes in place and a quick swig on a bottle they were off for Darjon Vineyard to greet the guests.

After a lovely ceremony the guests mingled while we got some images around the vineyard. The vines were still hibernating, so we found an empty field, a small bit of shade and had some fun.

The reception brought lots of tears and laughter (those emotional speeches got me tearing up!), super delicious cake (the bubble gum flavoured good!!), cute desserts served on Georgia's grandmas china, photo booth shenanigans and rocking dance was an awesome day!

Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy these highlights from their day.