Holy smokes, half way through December already! I love love love Christmas as well as summer, so December has got to be my favourite month of the year. It's one of the busiest ones for me (along with everyone else I guess!) with lots of shoots and weddings, paired with school activities and functions, and squeezing in Christmas cheer whenever possible. I've added Christmas carols to the list of things I listen to while editing, and I'm not even embarrassed by that at all. Gotta love ol' Michael Bublé at this time of year!

Anywhoodle, Ashleigh and Duncan. Ash & Dunc. They got married, and it was awesome!

They are a couple of cuties I have to say, as well as super lovely and they put together a great day of celebrations with their family and friends.

They met while doing something called 'crutching' I believe (something to do with sheep shearing....totally clueless townie here) and four years on they are still going strong. They seem to have a great partnership and an adventurous spirit and are taking off soon to travel the world for a year (whhhatttt - so jelly!)

The wedding was a real family affair, with Dun'cs sister being the officiant, and the cake and gorgeous dress and the make-up were also supplied by those close to the couple. It was super sweet too. My heart did that weird scrunching thing and my eyes leaked a bit when Ashleigh's dad got teary and said the sweetest things to her when he saw her in her dress for the first time. Oh and in case you are wondering what's happening in the first dance images they were doing the Git up. Every time I see the reception images I get that song in my head. I think it's there for life.

Righto that's it from me now. Probably the last blog before January as I simply run out of time to add them, but I'll keep working behind the scenes and you guys keep being awesome.