I'm still buzzing about how awesome this wedding was!

I first met Anita and Robbie when I photographed them with their newborn bubs Paddy, so when they got in touch to see if I could photograph their wedding I was stoked - I love developing a relationship with couples over the years as their families grow and they meet new milestones. It fills my cup of happiness. Hmm that sounds weird. It makes me happy? Yes, that's better. It makes me happy when couples want me back again and again. Anywho, this wedding was soooo good! I teared up a couple of times - once when Robbie's sisters couldn't get through a sentence without crying during the ceremony (I'm not kidding - it took them ages - it was adorable and amazing) and then again when Robbie teared up during his speech (so so sweet!)

There was also plenty of laughs of course, it really was a great day and everyone was in good spirits. What blew me away was that one of the bridesmaids, Georgie, had a TWO DAY old baby! What a legend she is for being there. It sure is a testament to her and Anita's friendship.

Oh and then that light at the end of the day! OMG it was sublime.

Go on and check out the photos now - you'll see 😍