You already know that I don't do super posed, baby-in-a-basket studio sessions.  

I prefer (and hope you do too) to have a more relaxed approach, with unplanned authentic moments captured in the comfort of your home.​

I've written this guide to help you get the most out of your newborn session. ​

Read on, friend. Then let's get started. 

baby and daddy


I show up. We chat. I get my camera out. Start shooting. That's it in a nut-shell. ​

Basically, I'll look for the light and guide you guys to where will work best. I might start with some shots of baby by themselves or I might start with family photos. Each session is guided by the baby and their mood.   ​

We might shoot in multiple locations around the house. The key rooms I usually use are the living room, the baby's room and the master bedroom.  

Note: I don't edit out things that are lying around so if you don't want your nipple cream that's sitting on the nightstand in the shot then do a real quick run through before I get there.  I'm not saying make your home look like it's not lived in. Because it IS lived in, and it should reflect your life as authentically as possible.   

Here's all you need to do.  

  • 1. Make beds. 
  • 2. Throw washing in the laundry and close the door. 
  • 3. Grab a washing basket, whip through the rooms and chuck anything in it that you don't want in the shot. 
  • 4. Hide the washing basket.  

Boom. 'Clean' house in 5 minutes.  


Guys, YOU MADE A BABY.  You got jiggy with it and then you created an actual human. OR someone else did the rude things, created a human and you are making a loving home for the little one.  Either way, you are in the baby's life. So you will be in some of the photos. I don't care if your hair needs a touch up, if you are feeling a bit frumpy or if you just don't like photos.  You are a parent and your little one will want to see these photos when they are a big one.  Also don't be surprised if I ask you guys to get a little romantic with each other (in a non-gross way of course). Your relationship just changed big time, and I want to get some snuggly images of you two to mark the occasion.  


Grandma is visiting? Let's get Grandma in a shot.  Fur baby that has recently been replaced by a real baby? Bring 'em in. Older kids at school? Get them home early and involve them.  Totally fine by me. Just remember - this isn't a studio session, I do not expect your kiddos (or doggos for that matter) to be perfect and smile for the camera. I will do my absolute best to get them involved and get them to have fun and cuddle their sibling (bribes might be handy to have on hand), but please don't stress out about it, particularly if they are really little. There are plenty of times in the future to get some CUTE sibling pics - like when I come back to do your family photos next year.


Okay, let's make this clear. Adults are not to be nudie at my shoots. In fact the term 'nudie' can only be applied to little kids.  So if you were planning on stripping down for the session, you need to find yourself another gal. This has happened exactly zero times, but I just thought I'd put that rule out there.   

Now that we got that out of the way. If you are planning on bathing bubs or having any nudie shots of them (I actually keep the nappy on and cover up with a swaddle - I've been peed on so.many.times.) then you want to have the room nice and warm.  It's just nicer for them.


Just a couple of notes on clothing.

Be yourself, but wear something that you love. However, I do have a couple of rules to help you to get the most out of your photos:​

Please. No logos. I'm talking to you dads. I get a lovely photo of your little one, snuggled up to your chest...right by that Blackcaps or Ford logo. It ruins it. Just wear something plain okay?  So that means no sport tops.  Choose something with a maximum of two colours in it if you can. The plainer the better.  Thanks!​

Think about your surroundings. If you think we'll be shooting on your bed and your head board is black, maybe don't wear a black top etc. Steer clear of fluorescent colours - they tend to colour cast on faces, necks and hair. I always recommend versions of primary colours. Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal). The boho-beige look is totally awesome too. ​

Make sure you are on the same page.  If one of you is in farming gear and the other all dressed up, it won't look cohesive.  ​

Dress baby in plain clothes. While that little darling dress or overalls look super cute, in photos they often look a bit bunchy and distracting. Just a plain onesie is totally fine. And maybe a hat. Because babies with hats are delicious.​


I like to use what is on hand so if you have some plain swaddles and blankets, keep them handy. Did your nanna knit you something special? Or do you have a blanket that was yours when you were little? Let's use them. It will give you all the feels.   


After the session, I'll go through the images and edit the best ones.

 I'll send through an invoice after the session, which will need to be paid in full before the photos are released. 

When I've finished editing your images (around 2 weeks) I'll send you a link to your gallery. If you have a package with a limited amount of images, you will be prompted to choose your favourites. I'll then release your chosen images to you for download and share. If you have the unlimited package, you will receive a link to the full gallery of edited images. ​

If your internet is really slow I suggest getting a USB instead. It will contain all of the edited images and web copies for social media. 

​You can then print your images with your chosen lab. You can also order high quality prints, and fine art products directly through your gallery.


I'll double check with you first, but sometimes I like to share a couple of images or a blog of a session on my social media accounts. This is hugely important for my business as without images I don't have a product to market.  

​If you are sharing your images on social media I'd love a shout out too!  Tag my business page or even just mention who took your awesome photos. ;)  Word of mouth is how I get 90% of my business, and every little bit counts!  

 Please don't add filters to my work! I've developed my editing style over many years and I die a little inside when I see an Instagram filter added over the top!

​Don't be afraid to leave a review to tell everyone just how much you enjoyed your session and love your photos.


That's it. Actually one more thing. Relax. It's all going to work out well.​

See you soon!



“Tegan has taken our Wedding and both our childrens newborn photos, Tegan was great and made us feel comfortable, was fantastic with the kids and even our dog. Thanks so much Tegan we are so happy with the photos”