In our overly visual culture, the images you choose for marketing your company can be of huge importance.

​Whether you are using photos for business cards, adverts or a website, or if you are creating a following on social platforms, the images you choose are creating your clients with an overall impression of your brand. 

To really make an impact, you need photos that are visually stimulating, and professionally taken. The right images can subconsciously inspire trust from your client, and can make a massive difference in which clients you attract.  

As well as head-shots and staff photos, I can provide images that display the essence of your company - the images that make your clients feel what you want them to feel.  

 One of my goals is to make the process as streamlined as possible for you.  I'll provide an action plan for you to approve, and I'll come to you and shoot on location. The images are provided in an online gallery, ready for download, and are already sized for web marketing, as well as larger print copies.  

Together, we will work to create the images that support your vision and showcase your brand. 



$80 booking fee (regardless of the amount of people to be shot)

$80 per person. 2 - 3 poses each ($30 for each additional image)

$100 per group shot​

  • Includes basic retouching.
  • High and low resolution digital images provided
  • Plain backdrop for single head shots available.
  • Conveniently shot at your place of business
  • Travel and GST not included. 


Great for marketing and self promotion and social media

  • $380 + GST for a portfolio of 15 - 20 images of 1 person. 
  • $480 + GST for a portfolio of 20 - 30 images of 2 people

  • Professionally edited images
  • High and low resolution digital images provided in a private online gallery
  • Plain backdrop for single head shots available.
  • Up to three outfit changes
  • Full print release
  • Travel not included


Ideal for building and updating your website, re-branding, stock images, editorial pieces and social media content.

  • $400 + GST for the first hour
  • $150 + GST for every additional hour
  • HALF DAY RATE (4 hours, booked in advance): $800 + GST
  • FULL DAY RATE (8 hours, booked in advance) $1500 + GST

  •  Includes basic retouching.
  • 10 - 50 edited images per hour *
  • High and low resolution digital images provided in an online gallery
  • Full print release

* Final amount depends on level of work to set up shots and level of editing required. Image numbers are not capped.

Travel and location scouting not included. Models can be sourced, additional fees apply.


The following policies have been established to allow us to operate in a consistent and efficient manner. Your familiarity with these policies is important and will help insure a good experience for all. 

 Product images Please note that I do not photograph or clear-cut images for online stores. I can help source for this though.

 Sessions Weekday morning and afternoon session are available on a limited basis. Saturday is considered prime time and comes with a $100 fee  A 20% deposit is required before the session. Sessions are shot on location. Travel up to 50km is included. 

 Cancellation / Rescheduling We require 2 business days notice in the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your session. The cut off time is 5pm on the second business day prior to the day of your shoot. Cancellations or reschedules prior to this cut off are eligible for a full refund of the session fee.

Viewing Images from your session Edited images from the session will be available for download on the agreed upon date.  One set of alterations are included in the cost price.  

Image File Archives Image files are kept on our systems for sure for 90 days to allow ample time to make your selections and complete your purchases. While we may store files for longer than that sometimes, it’s not guaranteed after the 90 period. Please plan on making all of your selections at your review session.


  • Dress as you would when meeting a client.​
  • Be yourself and don’t alter your dress or makeup/hair specifically for the photos.​
  • Basically, we want to make sure our clients look as natural to themselves as possible.​
  • Keep it classic! Stay away from trends that could date the photos.​
  • Get shots in your environment! If you’re a librarian, you probably don’t want photos at a race track.​
  • If you normally wear glasses and people are used to seeing you in them. Wear them. If you only wear them for computer work and don’t often wear them when meeting people, make the decision beforehand whether or not to wear them in the photo. If you aren’t going to wear them, make sure you take your glasses of way before you come to have your photo taken, so you don’t have two red marks either side of your nose. ​
  • If you are going to wear your glasses, there are a couple of things that are really worth doing. First of all give them a really really really good clean. It’s surprising how much dust / fingerprints etc. can show up in the final image. So make sure the lenses are spotless.​
  • Lastly when you’re having your photo taken, make sure you push your glasses back as far as they will go. Often glasses just slip slightly down the nose and tend to cover your eyes ever so slightly. In profile photos, it’s really important to see your eyes, so when the glasses are pushed back that shows them off to their best.