Christmas time is my absolute favourite time of year. I'm drawn to so much of what this season has to offer. Time with family, giving gifts, delicious once a year food, speciality cocktails, Christmas carols & movies, sparkly things and fairy lights. At the heart of it all, is the family traditions and the warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia that accompany them. It's creating memories for your children, and carrying those traditions forward. In our family we start a Christmas puzzle (always the new Wasgij) around this time and chip away at it most nights. We make gifts for the kids friends, we bake Christmas treats and whip up some eggnog. I create an advent calendar with chocolates and activities for the girls. Every year for the last 5 years we've created a family Christmas photo where we've dressed as Kiss, hillbillies, characters from Harry Potter, awkward dorks & punks and used puns to wish everyone a merry Christmas. The decorating is one of our favourite parts - we put on Michael Buble's Christmas album, get out some snacks, pour a cheeky port for the adults and get to making our home feel special. I'm a sucker for some fairy lights! Our family love the build up and excitement so much that it can be hard to hold off decorating until December, but we manage it every time - except for this year as it's been a rough year and we just needed a little magic.

I wanted a photography package that reflected this amazing time of year so I created Trimming the Tree sessions - a lifestyle session based around decorating the Christmas tree. Kaity and her family were the first to participate and I freaking loved how it rolled out. Kaity and sister Sophie got the kids together as well as their parents and grandparents so we could have four generations participating, and it was such a beautiful choice to include them! They went out and got a real tree (gah they smell divine!) and to my delight at the end of the session they all pulled out Christmas jumpers for a couple of snaps in front of the tree. 😍😍 We timed it so I left as their dinner came out of the oven and they could enjoy a feast together as a family. Perfect!

Kaity & Fam - thank you so so much for trusting me with this new session! I loved every minute of it.

Have a beautiful Christmas!


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