Occasionally a session will come along that is so good that it hurts (in a good way!)

This session was one of them. It was the trifecta of awesomeness - amazing light, scenery and one hell of a gorgeous couple.

Eve & Ngane are one of the couples who won my free sessions, and they absolutely rocked it! Eve told us that she thought they might be awkward in front of the camera, but they were an absolute dream team, and they made my job super easy. When I mentioned how perfect they are in front of the camera, Eve said it was because they are young and in love, and I fully agree.... Of course it also helps that they are total babes! They chose Godley Head for their session as it's a special place to them, and I'm ashamed to say that it was my first time there 😬😬 I will definitely be heading back there though, that place is freaking amazing.

The shoot was a great way for them to connect and spend time together during one of Ngane's visits to Christchurch to see Eve. (These two have to spend a decent amount of time apart as Eve is in Uni here, while Ngane plays for the Highlanders in Dunedin.) And now they'll have some awesome pics on their wall to remind themselves of just how cute they are together!

Big thanks to Liv from Jaxon & Saige for doing the make-up 😊

Couple at Godley Head
Hugging couple
Couple overlooking the water
Romantic couple images
Walking holding hands
taking in the view, godley heads
Walking Port Hills Christchurch
Dancing in the sunset
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romantic sunset session
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