It all started when my grandparents bought me my first camera when I was seven. I spent hours setting up my Barbies in mock wedding poses, determined to make some beautiful images. I’ll be honest though. They were crap images. I just could not get Ken to relax those stiff arms, and don’t get me started on the bridal party. Not one of them would stand when I wanted them to. It was a hot mess.

But things have changed, guys. I work with actual humans and it is SO much better.

Weddings are freaking awesome. I don't just mean the Pinterest perfect ones either. I mean pretty stuff is cool and all, and you can have all the on-trend decorations and fluff that you want, but what I'm really floats my boat is the story that you're sharing. You guys chose each other. With all of your little idiosyncrasies that you dig about each other. Your inside jokes, the movie quotes you love, that weird fear that you have, your goals, your dreams. All the stuff that makes you the couple that you are. You're telling the world that you're in it for the long haul, and you're celebrating with the people that you love the most. And that's so bloody beautiful.

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The end of an era!

After 100 years in the industry (or 12 - who's counting) I have made the decision to shift my business focus.

I will not be taking on any more weddings that are longer than 6 hours so I can photograph more families and newborns, as well as my corporate work.

Photographing humans

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