Tom and Shayna / Married @ Kaka Point

This wedding was one of the most special ones I've ever shot.

Not just because my family were there to take part in the celebrations, but because the bride and groom are two of the loveliest people you'll ever meet.

Tom is my cousin on my mothers side. We grew up sharing Christmases together until we got too old and I remember lugging him around like a giant life size doll. And Shayna? This girl is just the sweetest person ever and I love her to bits already. The two of them are super adorable together, and they really are a perfect pair. Their vows made almost every person there get teary eyed (myself included) and you could see how much they love each other with every look and embrace they shared.

Tom and Shayna, you beautiful humans, thank you so much for sharing your day with me and my family. Enjoy this little sneak peek.



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