Lisa and Guy / Married at Furneaux Lodge

Updated: May 1, 2018

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’d been looking forward to last weekends wedding for months. When Lisa got in contact and asked if I could shoot their wedding in the Marlborough Sounds I was ecstatic. After googling the lodge that they were to marry, I did a little happy dance. Furneaux Lodge is set in the most picturesque landscape New Zealand has to offer and is only accessible by boat. Guests stayed at the lodge or at one of the other bays. They arrived days before the wedding, for wine tours and shenanigans. If I were to marry husband again, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it just like these guys did.

The boat ride there was relaxing, the glassy waters offering little resistance or turbulence. Meeting Lisa for the first time was like seeing a long distance friend. I was enveloped into a long hug by this beautiful English creature, with big bright eyes and a catchy smile. Her bridesmaid’s were energetic and hilarious. There was a lot of dancing, singing and laughing. Guy and the boys were hanging out downstairs with a few Panheads and nibbles. Their vibe was more relaxed, but equally cheerful. One of the first things Guy said to me was that he hoped the girls weren’t too crazy for me. (Not a chance!)

Despite the fact that this wedding held all the trimmings a photographer could ask for, my favourite things about this wedding were the humans involved. Like how during the ceremony Guy and Lisa just snuggled into each other and kissed straight away, or when a bridesmaid decided to frolic in a fountain later in the evening. How guests just couldn’t wait for the first dance, and they just needed to be on the d-floor making shapes. How Reon’s best man speech was unorthodox but hilarious. I loved the spontaneous dancing throughout the marquee and I loved that over 100 people traveled to spend time with this couple.

In a nut shell. I loved this wedding.

But enough from me. Enjoy the photos guys. There are a lot of them, so sit down and relax with a cuppa or a vino (It’s Friday, you earned it)

T xx


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