Copland Family Lifestyle Session

So there is this house that I’ve often walked past, whilst admiring it’s rustic beauty. It’s brick, with ornate iron work, with cool windows and a big section. I’ve always loved it and wanted to see what the inside looks like, but since I’m not a complete nut case (most of the time…) I haven’t asked the lucky strangers who own it, if I can come in and perve at their home. ‘Cos that would be totally weird. And stalkery.

So when I showed up to my lifestyle session this weekend, I was stoked to realise that it was to be at aforementioned dream home and I get to go inside and be a total weirdo after all!

I photographed the Coplands a few years ago (Obviously in a different house) when Connor was a baby. Now baby Mason is on the scene along with the cutest cat I’ve ever seen called Thomas. Connor was so much fun during our session, as most energetic toddlers are, and he’s super lucky to have such great parents, who have great taste in real estate and decor. And Mason? Oh my gosh I could just eat him up. I also wanted to smuggle Thomas out in my jacket…….okay I better stop now! You’ll understand once you see them.


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