Caitlin and Cameron / Married at Langdales

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

So guys, here’s the thing. Sometimes I’m a little weird. I like spontaneously dancing, quoting movies and occasionally singing my words. It’s all part of the positive vibes that pour out of me during a shoot. So when I meet a bride who also breaks into spontaneous dancing, who pulls crazy faces at her beau and who also LOVES a good pun, I’m in my element.

When I rocked up to the hotel to photograph the getting ready part, the cricket was on and Caitlin kept trying to watch it while she was being beautified by the pros. The whole family are cricket mad, and while I had no idea what was happening on the field (or is it pitch?) I love that both mum and daughter were riveted in the game for the duration of the time we were there. I think it helped with the premarital stress levels.

At Langdale Winery, my mate Heath performed an epic ceremony, perfectly suited to Cameron and Caitlin. He knew of Caitlin’s love of puns and easily worked three into the ceremony. I was so desperate to come up with one for one of our images, but I came up empty handed. Turns out writing them is harder than I thought.

The bridal party images with this crew were a joy to capture, with the aforementioned dance moves, crazy faces and relaxed vibe. The vibe continued on throughout the night, though I may have cried a bit at the reception…you’d think I’d get better at holding in my emotions after all these years and weddings, but guys, I’m not made of stone, and if a father is crying, then I’m gonna cry too. It’s just going to happen. The pride and the adoration that both Cameron and Caitlin inspire in their families is really quite touching.

Watching these two together made me happy. They are really freaking adorable, and loving and oh-so-sweet.

Anyway, enough from me. Enjoy the sneak peek guys.


Make Up: Chloe Black.MUA.

Hair: Chrome Hair Boutique.

Dress: Lovingly made by mum and grandma

Cakes: (delicious BTW) Cake eating company

Venue: Langdale Vineyard.

Celebrant: (The Epic) Heath Walters

Flowers: Pepper Berry florist


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