Autumn Mini Sessions


Ahh autumn. My absolute favourite time of year to take photos. The light is soft, the temperature is still pretty good and the colours are AMAZING.

This year, for the first time ever, I'm offering a small amount of mini sessions! Now that I'm not really shooting weddings any more I finally have the time to include these in my calendar and I am so excited!

What is a mini session?

It's pretty much in the name, but a mini session is just that... mini! Each session is 15 minutes long, and I'll shoot all of the mini sessions in one day. It's amazing what you can get done in that time! I'll aim to get the nice posy one of the whole family, individuals of the kids, some photos of you as a couple (if applicable, single parents are so very welcome!) and of course a bunch of cuddly & tender moments & fun ones too.

Please note this is for nuclear family only, if you would like grandparents etc to come along please book a full family session.

How does it work?

From the booking form you will be able to choose your time slot. On the day please show up 5 minutes early so you are all ready to roll when your time starts. I'll be in touch via email to confirm with you the exact meeting place.

The edited images will be uploaded into an online gallery within around 2 weeks of the session. There is usually around 50 for you to choose from. From there you will be able to select your favourite 5 images to keep, or if you choose to upgrade to the full gallery I'll send you an invoice before releasing all of that beautiful imagery to you. You'll receive a $20 print credit for if you choose to print your images directly through your gallery, or you can download them to take to your favourite lab.



15 minute mini session

5 digital images of your choice

$20 print credit

Upgrade to your full gallery for an additional $140

Your guide to getting the most out of your mini session

​Tips for children 

  • ​Make sure they are well fed beforehand (nothing too sugary)
  • Dress them in clothes that look good - but ultimately that aren't unconformable for them to be in. 
  • Have wetwipes and tissues on hand 
  • Have a few bribes on hand, but don't offer them unless we run into trouble. If kids know there is a treat before the session they start to get a bit impatient for them early on. 
  • If there are a couple of shy ones, show them a picture of me and tell them my name and that I'll be there taking some photos. Sometimes it can be helpful to let them know that I'm a mum too. 
  • Your mood matters. Please approach our session with a relaxed energy. If you are stressed and focused on trying to make them perfect little angels, they will pick up on that mood and respond negatively. I do not expect your children to behave perfectly. Please don't insist that they smile directly at the camera for every image. Also, be prepared to act a bit silly and energetic if needed! 

What to wear.

Finding the perfect outfit can be a challenge! You want to look nice, and be cohesive with the group, but you still want to be you, and feel comfortable in your skin. This guide should help you, but if you still have questions, just let me know! I'm happy to help.

​You can decide as a group if you want your session to be super casual or more formal.  

Even if you have decided on casual, please avoid wearing clothes with big logos, baseball caps and jandals

Don't match everyone (white tops and jeans on everyone is so 1995!)  Matching a tonal range is fine though (eg everyone in different Autumn colours)

​More tips:

  • Choose versions of primary colours if you can. Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal). Deep, rich colours are lovely, as are soft pastels. Work with items that you are drawn to. Black and white are fine, but try to add another colour too and again make sure everybody isn't matching!
  • Dress for the weather, and be flexible
  • Layers add dimension and depth. In the summer, layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. In autumn and winter? Cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, etc.
  • Steer clear of fluorescent colours. Fluorescent colours tend to colour cast on faces, necks and hair. So colourful is fine, but not fluorescent.
  • Maxi dresses always look amazing, but if you are uncomfortable in a dress, pants are fine too! Match them with a top that is the right length, so you aren't pulling it down all the time, and if it will be cold, find a cute jacket.

It’s more than okay to feel nervous! Please know that I do not expect you to be models. My job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be your true comfortable selves in front of my lens. You do not need to practice poses, study Pinterest pins or let the nerves take over. Don’t worry if you are feeling nervous, I’ll be sure the end result is something you will love!


What if it rains?

A little drizzle, we'll go ahead.
If it's bucketing down, postponement is set for the 26th of May. The decision to postpone will be made by me. If you cannot make the 26th, your fee will go towards a full priced session or towards the next mini session date in spring. If you cancel on the day your fee will not be refunded.

Can the grandparents come along?

No this is for nuclear family only - guardians and children. If you would like an extended family session please get in touch.

What if I can't make my session?

Please get in touch ASAP. If it is more that 72 hours out from the session and I can rebook your spot you will refund the session fee, minus an admin fee of $30.

What if I want the whole gallery?

To upgrade to the full gallery it is $140. You can choose this option once you've seen your images. Don't worry, I won't be putting a hard sell on you - the choice is totally yours!

Sharing is caring.

I'll double check with you first, but sometimes I like to share a couple of images or a blog of a session on my social media accounts. This is hugely important for my business as without images I don't have a product to market.  

​If you are sharing your images on social media I'd love a shout out too!  Tag my business page or even just mention who took your awesome photos. ;)  Word of mouth is how I get 90% of my business, and every little bit counts!  

​Don't be afraid to leave a review to tell everyone just how much you enjoyed your session and love your photos.