Whether you love having your photo taken or you shy away from the camera, we're going to work together to get you some wicked images.

What to expect

The session will generally start with a bit of banter, as we find the first spot.  I'll give you some guidance on what to do, probably make some bad jokes, we'll laugh a bit and then we'll move on to the next spot.   Rinse and repeat. 

The session will be around 45 minutes - more if we are walking far or we end up talking too much.      

Pretty easy right?

To set the mood you might consider making your engagement session part of a day-long date.  Start your day with a boozy brunch or coffee at your favorite spot  before meeting me.  This will help you feel connected and romantic as you head into the photo shoot.

What to wear

You can decide together if you want to be casual or more formal. 


Even if you have decided on casual,  please avoid wearing the following: tops with logos, strong bold patterned clothes,  baseball caps, hoodies and jandals. Also, steer clear of fluorescents. Fluorescent colors tend to color cast on faces, necks and hair.


I recommend versions of primary colors. Yellow (mustard), red (maroon, brick), and blue (navy, royal).  A bit of colour can really make the difference in a shot, and make it pop.  I know the general rule here in NZ is to wear a lot of black, but if you have a colour that you love to wear, please wear it!  Also,remember to iron your stuff first!  Removing creases in clothing is not included in the editing process. 


Feel free to bring changes of clothes to change it up.

Hot tip:  Schedule your make-up trial for the same day.  You'll look and feel great and you get to tick another thing off your list!

And just in case you are, it’s more than okay to feel nervous! Please know that I do not expect you to be models. My job is to direct you in a way that helps you relax, feel natural, and be your true comfortable selves in front of my lens. You do not need to practice poses, study Pinterest pins or let the nerves take over.   We're going to try to have a bit of fun with this - even if you usually hate being in front of the camera!  


I want you guys to know that I'm happy for this to be a collaboration.  If you have any ideas while we're out there, hit me with them!  We're in this together - we all want the end result to be great photos and a fun time, so if you are feeling inspired, please share your ideas.  

Location location

If you have location that is near and dear to your story, please don’t hesitate to tell me about it. I am true believer in telling your story in a way that is meaningful to the two of you but also remember that the session is about you as a couple and not where you are. There are beautiful places all around us, so if you’d rather me choose the venue, I am happy to do so!   Another idea is to plan a couples date with a tag along (me!)  You could grab a coffee then go ice-skating (or whatever floats your boat) - all while getting some cuuuuttte pics of you two!   There are so many ways to make this session unique to you. 

What happens after the session?

After the session I'll go through the images and edit the best ones.

If you've chosen to go for a digital download (the quickest option) I'll upload your images (both high res and web copies) into your gallery and send you a link.  From there you can download your entire gallery or a few images at a time.  You can also share that link with family and friends so they can view and download the images.

If your internet is really slow I suggest getting a USB instead.  It will contain all of the edited images and we copies for social media. 

If you are getting prints, just let me know the image numbers and I'll take care of the rest. 

Sharing is caring

I'll double check with you first, but sometimes I like to share a couple of images or a blog of a session on my social media accounts.  This is hugely important for my business as without images I don't have a product to market.   

If you are sharing your images on social media I'd love a shout out too!   Tag my business page or even just mention who took your awesome photos. ;)   Word of mouth is how I get 90% of my business and every little bit counts!   


Please don't add filters to my work!  I've developed my editing style over many years and I die a little inside when I see an instagram filter added over the top!

Don't be afraid to leave a review to tell everyone just how much you enjoyed your session and love your photos. 

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Additional products

You've got your awesome images, now what?

PRINT THEM!  Digital images are great, but there is nothing quite like looking through a gorgeous album,

or seeing them printed and hung up on the wall. 

I have a range of products available, from albums to fine art prints, as well as offering bespoke pieces

that are tailored to your needs.